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Poland & Prague


7 Days to Experience the Journey of a Lifetime into our past....and our future. Discover the rich 1000 year old legacy of Polish Jewry, explore the Tragedy of the Holocaust first-hand, and Experience the beauty and mystery of Prague. "A trip every Jew must take!" Sign up here for the upcoming trip (Jan 8-15th, 2023)

New to RAJE? Register here for an upcoming RAJE Fellowship in order to become eligible for a Free or Subsidized trip



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Spend an action packed 2 weeks in Israel to explore the ancient past, tastes and attractions of modern Israel, and the wisdom of Judaism. Trip includes hiking, boating, daily classes in spirituality, relationships, & finding your purpose, and lots of free time to explore on your own!

Trips also include an optional upgrade to destination European cities. Click below for the upcoming Israel trip (Dec 27, 2022 - Jan 12, 2023) or Rome-Israel trip Dec 26, 2022 - Jan 12,2023)

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