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Poland & Prague


7 Days to Experience the Journey of a Lifetime into our past....and our future. Discover the rich 1000 year old legacy of Polish Jewry, explore the Tragedy of the Holocaust first-hand, and Experience the beauty and mystery of Prague. "A trip every Jew must take!" Sign up here for the upcoming trip (Jan 14 - 21st, 2024)

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Spend an action packed 2 weeks in Israel to explore the ancient past, tastes and attractions of modern Israel, and the wisdom of Judaism. Trip includes hiking, boating, daily classes in spirituality, relationships, & finding your purpose, and lots of free time to explore on your own!

Trips also include an optional upgrade to destination European cities. Click below for the upcoming Israel trips: 

(May 28th - June 14th)


(June 11th - June 28th)

(July 2nd - July 19th)

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